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Quality Business Services (QBS) was created to provide our customers the ancillary services their growing company needs in order to be successful. This includes helping take the first steps to becoming a formal business entity. Whether you are interested in a partnership, corporation, limited liability company (LLC) or other entity, QBS has the resources to make your vision a reality. Additionally, we can assist in procuring a Federal EIN (employer identification number).  Call one of our QBS Consultants to discuss setting up your business entity today at (844) 637-8103 or send us an email at

Follow these three simple steps for success.

  1. Answer a few questions in as little as 15 minutes.

2. We’ll collect your documents and file them for you with the Secretary of State.

3. We’ll mail you the completed package for your Limited Liability Company.

Understanding the difference between LLC and Corporation.


Fewer formalities and legal requirements
Meaning you don’t have to hold board meetings to make a decision.

Ease of setup and management
The easiest and most flexible way to launch your business.


You’ll need to raise money from outside investors
The stricter formalities give investors the knowledge needed to know how your running your company.

Plan to go public in the near future
“Going public” is the best way to attract investment capital.

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