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A battle is looming on the horizon of the trucking industry. This future war has high stakes and promises to change trucking forever. Within the next 3 years’ competitors will vie for the right to put diesel-free trucks on the road. Nikola Motor Company and Tesla have both revealed their perceived future for trucking in the form of Hydrogen Fuel Cells (Nikola) and Electric Battery Powered (Tesla). Both these units ambitiously aim to replace diesel powered trucks in the coming years. While the results will not be known for years both offer lots of benefits and a few possible negatives.

Nikola Motors Hydrogen Fuel Powered Semi-Truck

Nikola Motor Company’s Nikola One (Sleeper) and Nikola Two (Day Cab) both have estimated release dates of early 2020. Hydrogen fuel cells fully power Nikola trucks, eliminating diesel dependency forever. Nikola Trucks claim double fuel efficiency from the standard 7.5 MPG (diesel) to 15.4 MPG of Hydrogen Fuel. Additionally, [...]

Purchasing a truck is a significant investment that if you’re not careful, can eat up your entire profit. But by being an owner operator, your truck is going to be your livelihood so getting a good truck is going to be important. The next decision will be deciding whether to purchase a new or used truck. Purchasing a used truck provides many advantages, the most obvious being that the cost could be substantially lower. Another advantage is that more owner operators have been purchasing used trucks compared to buying a new one, especially for a first-time buyer. With newer trucks, it is commonly known that after you drive off the lot, it automatically depreciates in value around 20%-40%.

However, if you are not careful, purchasing a used truck can mean that you are buying more risk than opportunity. One of the major disadvantages of purchasing a used truck is that used vehicles are most likely [...]

Quality Companies has designed a new program to help carriers and drivers find success. Low weekly payments and a minimal driver access fee will allow drivers to be profitable and take their first step becoming a successful owner operator. As a carrier, there is no better way to grow your owner operator fleet and create a competitive advantage against your peers. We are going to cover a few of the most commonly asked questions below.

1. What are the benefits of the new Lease Purchase Program?
  • With our new Managed Maintenance Program and Earned Deferment Program, especially with older models, there is a chance for more maintenance problems. With older models, more than likely, any repair you will have, will be over $500. Our Earned Deferment Program will give you peace of mind. You can earn up to 10 payment deferrals a year and the first deferral can be earned by making 4 full lease [...]

This month, we will be attending the Great American Trucking Show. Check out the schedule below — and if you are heading to this show, make sure to stop by our booth, and say hello!

The Great American Trucking Show

August 24th – 26th at the Kay Bailey Convention Center in Dallas, Texas

The Great American Trucking Show is an interactive and all-encompassing public convention of trucking professionals. More than 500 exhibitors meet at GATS, representing truck, trailer, engine, component and parts manufacturers, among many others. GATS exists to create an interactive, energizing environment entirely focused on trucking’s improvement.

  • More than 150 trucks on the show floor
  • 65 countries represented
  • 554 exhibits including 46 health contributors
  • 52,000 industry relevant products
  • Over 600 trucks at the TA/Petro Parking community
  • Over $100,000 raised for charities
  • 45 hours of education

Quality Companies attendees include:

  • Derek Doddridge – Vice President of Sales and Marketing
  • Hallie Beddes [...]

Trucking profitability requires more than transferring cargo from Point A to Point B and subtracting expenses. The business often features many moving parts. Savvy owner operators know how to optimize each part for maximum profitability. While every business is different, this post will offer some of the common ways successful drivers ensure profitability and create growth opportunities in an increasingly competitive marketplace. It will include tips on fuel economy, maintenance, and using digital technology to compare costs and highlight the importance of understanding supply chain logistics.

By becoming an owner operator, it gives you the opportunity to run your own business. As an owner operator, you would assume that you will be making a lot more money than if you were still a company driver. That may be true but if you don’t know how to properly handle your finances, then you could end up losing money in the long run. By transitioning from a [...]

So, you have decided to become an owner operator, what’s next? Transitioning from a company driver to an owner operator is a major change. As an owner operator, you are essentially running your own business and there will also be a lot of more responsibilities you will have to endure. This post will go more in depth about the decision to become an owner operator, deciding to lease or purchase a vehicle, and lastly, how to grow your business.

If you have decided to transition to an owner operator, it means that you are ready to take your driving to the next level. As a company driver, you probably have made a sufficient amount of money as well as maybe you were driving more local routes. So, when deciding to become an owner operator, it might mean that you’re ready for a major life change. It means running your own business, deciding whether to lease [...]

We have reached June and summer is finally upon us! This month, we will be attending the Texas Trucking Show. Check out the schedule below — and if you are heading to this show, make sure to stop by our booth, and say hello!

Texas Trucking Show

June 23rd – 25th at the NRG Center in Houston, Texas

Booth #738

The Texas Trucking Show is a regional trade show focused in connecting suppliers and trucking companies. At the show, you will find 150+ companies offering all types of products and services for the heavy-duty industry in a single venue.

Quality Companies attendees include:

  • Sam Somostrada – Regional Sales Manager of Quality Business Services
  • Nick Gass – Assistant Manager of Quality Business Services
  • Zac Schoen – Business Consultant

Visit their website for more information:


We’ve reached mid-April and that only means one thing for the trucking industry:  truck show season is upon us in full-swing. This month, we are excited to announce that we will be attending two different shows! Check out our schedule below – if you’re heading out to one of these shows, make sure to stop boy our booth and say hello!

Indiana Motor Truck Association Spring Transport Summit (IMTA)

April 24th-25th at the Crowne Plaza Indianapolis Downtown Union Station in Indianapolis, IN

Booth will be in the Exhibitor Alcove

The IMTA is a resource for members to share efficiencies and work together to navigate the ever-changing regulatory issues facing the trucking industry. The IMTA provides free consultation for carriers, safety programs, distracted driving education, and special services and benefits for their members. We will have two representatives attending IMTA, to help with all of your equipment and insurance needs. Quality Companies attendees include:

Hallie Beddes [...]

So, you’ve compared truck brands up and down and know your preferences like the back of your hand. You’ve spec’d and planned, but have held off on actually making the leap on a new rig, because you’re not sure how the purchase is going to affect your company in both the short and long-term.

The thought of growing your fleet assets is always an exciting one. Perhaps you’re an owner operator looking to hire out company drivers (and need the trucks to do it), or maybe you’re the manager of a small or mid-sized fleet who is looking to grow your business in order to grow your profits. Whatever the reason, buying trucks for your fleet is a major decision. So, what do you need to know before making the big investment?

New vs. Used Vehicles

As an owner operator or small fleet owner, you might be drawn to the allure of driving a new [...]

March often feels like the big kick-off to trade show season, and there are a couple different shows across the U.S. that we wouldn’t want to miss. Check out our schedule below – if you’re heading out to one of these shows, make sure to stop by our booth and say hello!

Mid-America Truck Show (MATS)

Thursday March 23rd – Saturday March 25th at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville, KY

Booth #16212

MATS is the largest annual heavy-duty trucking industry event in the world. Held each year at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville, KY. The show attracts 70,000 attendees and 1,000+ exhibitors from throughout the United States and abroad. A wide array of our representatives will be attending MATS, and will be more than happy to help you out with any of your recruiting, equipment lease/purchase, and insurance needs. Because we know that technology is one of the greatest tools up-and-coming tools of [...]

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