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A battle is looming on the horizon of the trucking industry. This future war has high stakes and promises to change trucking forever. Within the next 3 years’ competitors will vie for the right to put diesel-free trucks on the road. Nikola Motor Company and Tesla have both revealed their perceived future for trucking in the form of Hydrogen Fuel Cells (Nikola) and Electric Battery Powered (Tesla). Both these units ambitiously aim to replace diesel powered trucks in the coming years. While the results will not be known for years both offer lots of benefits and a few possible negatives.

Nikola Motors Hydrogen Fuel Powered Semi-Truck

Nikola Motor Company’s Nikola One (Sleeper) and Nikola Two (Day Cab) both have estimated release dates of early 2020. Hydrogen fuel cells fully power Nikola trucks, eliminating diesel dependency forever. Nikola Trucks claim double fuel efficiency from the standard 7.5 MPG (diesel) to 15.4 MPG of Hydrogen Fuel. Additionally, [...]

Unfortunately, accidents are extremely common for truck drivers while they are out on the road. If you are a trucking company, preventing accidents and encouraging your drivers to be safe on the road should be your number one priority. As summer is winding down and cold weather is quickly approaching, taking the proper steps to make sure your drivers are staying alert and vigilant while driving is important. Implementing a safety program cannot only protect your company’s bottom line but encourage safe driving among your drivers and employees.

Driving a truck is an extremely dangerous profession. Tractor-trailers are about 20-30 times larger than most cars and trucks on the road and because of the dramatic increase in size, this can cause roads to become unsafe especially in dangerous weather. “Motor vehicle crashes cost employers $60 billion annually in medical care, legal expenses, property damage, and lost productivity. They drive up the cost of benefits such [...]

Quality Companies has designed a new program to help carriers and drivers find success. Low weekly payments and a minimal driver access fee will allow drivers to be profitable and take their first step becoming a successful owner operator. As a carrier, there is no better way to grow your owner operator fleet and create a competitive advantage against your peers. We are going to cover a few of the most commonly asked questions below.

1. What are the benefits of the new Lease Purchase Program?
  • With our new Managed Maintenance Program and Earned Deferment Program, especially with older models, there is a chance for more maintenance problems. With older models, more than likely, any repair you will have, will be over $500. Our Earned Deferment Program will give you peace of mind. You can earn up to 10 payment deferrals a year and the first deferral can be earned by making 4 full lease [...]

Owning a business is exciting, but it also entails a measure of risk. Sometimes expanding into a new territory or business venture can strain a business to the point of breaking, and at other times, expansion is the only way to keep a business afloat. This post will cover some of the signs that indicate it is time to expand your business, grow your fleet, and increase your opportunities in other ways.


Budgeting Calculator

If you are wanting to expand your business, having money is one of the most important things you need in order to make your business grow. If you have turned a profit and have positive cash flow, expanding your business is realistic.

Proper budgeting is extremely important for owner operators who are looking to expand their business. Budgeting is normally extremely tedious [...]

We’ve reached mid-April and that only means one thing for the trucking industry:  truck show season is upon us in full-swing. This month, we are excited to announce that we will be attending two different shows! Check out our schedule below – if you’re heading out to one of these shows, make sure to stop boy our booth and say hello!

Indiana Motor Truck Association Spring Transport Summit (IMTA)

April 24th-25th at the Crowne Plaza Indianapolis Downtown Union Station in Indianapolis, IN

Booth will be in the Exhibitor Alcove

The IMTA is a resource for members to share efficiencies and work together to navigate the ever-changing regulatory issues facing the trucking industry. The IMTA provides free consultation for carriers, safety programs, distracted driving education, and special services and benefits for their members. We will have two representatives attending IMTA, to help with all of your equipment and insurance needs. Quality Companies attendees include:

Hallie Beddes [...]

There’s no doubt that new government regulations are pushing the trucking industry through a major shift. You’ve probably heard of the ELD mandate, which went into effect less than three months ago, and catapults the industry into a very different regulatory landscape. With the ELD mandate and other widespread regulations, 2017 is going to be an unprecedented year for the trucking industry.

Electronic Logging Devices

There is a lot of buzz going around the trucking industry about the newly-implemented Electronic Log Device (ELD) mandate. The mandate was first published by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration in December of 2015, and goes into effect December of 2017.

Proposed hours-of-service rules, limiting drivers to 60/70 hours on duty in 7/8 consecutive days, can easily be tracked through ELDs. The looming regulation has left many drivers worried that the ELD will serve as a “big brother” entity over their driving. Realistically, though, the ELD does [...]

February is a busy month for everyone here at Quality! With spring just around the corner, there are a few different trade shows across the U.S. that we will be attending. Check out our schedule below – if you’re heading out to one of these shows, make sure to stop by our booth and say hello!


14th Annual Recruitment and Retention (R&R)

February 22nd – February 24th in Nashville, Tennessee

Booth #2

The 2017 Recruitment and Retention Conference offers a strong lineup of speakers and information focused on utilizing data to improve driver recruiting and retention success. Vice President of Quality Business Services Ashley Castner, Assistant Manager of Quality Business Services Nicholas Gass, and Recruiting Manager Jordan Roach will be attending the 14th Annual R&R.

Visit R&R’s website


Unigroup Learning Conference

February 22nd – February 25th in St. Louis, Missouri

We have always valued our relationship with Unigroup – they strive to be the first choice for global [...]

The freight industry is flooded with business solutions that only solve one issue within the supply chain. It’s a frustrating problem within the industry, and until now the solutions have either been singular, or costly. We’ve partnered with a company that is here with a solution. FreightRover is an Indianapolis-based web and mobile freight exchange platform that redefines the traditional load board process. For the past seven months, the FreightRover team has been hard at work building an app and web portal to solve many of the freight industry’s most-pressing issues. Today, we are proud to announce that FreightRover has launched nationally! Partnered with Quality and Celadon for beta testing, FreightRover provides Celadon’s owner-operator fleet with a unique mobile app to allow better visibility to loads, easier ways to connect to their driver managers, and simple features to manage day-to-day operations.

“We continuously look for ways to improve upon our operational efficiency and driver retention [...]

An Electronic Log Device (ELD) connects to the truck’s engine and automatically records driving time to more accurately keep driving records, which in turn makes highway stops significantly easier and faster. Most ELDs, though, do much more than simply recording drive time. Freight and technology industry companies have taken the idea and ran with it. Now, ELD devices will do everything from GPS to direct carrier/owner-operator communication, to document organization. A couple months ago, we posted a blog outlining a few of the most popular questions drivers may have about the ELD mandate. Now, it’s time to dive a little more in-depth. So how did all of this come about, and where will ELDs take the freight industry in the future?


The Law

Back in 2012, Congress enacted the “Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century” (MAP-21) bill. This law included a general transportation structure outline for the coming years, a breakdown of highway fund [...]

Take Advantage of Our New Paint Booth!

State-of-the-Art Bass Mechanical Paint Booth

We are proud to announce the newest addition to our Quality family – a custom, state-of-the-art Bass Mechanical paint booth! We designed the paint booth with carriers in mind, and cannot wait for you to see the result. The paint booth features top-notch specs, including full booth illumination, efficient fans & motors, the ability to paint five parts at once, and a baked finish for all painted parts.


Our lighting features four-tube 48” long ETL listed Class I Division II florescent fixtures, so that you never have to wonder whether your parts will be painted evenly. Our Quality brand name tube axial fans and  motors assure that the paint dries quickly and [...]

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