(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our most popular FAQ.

    First the driver gets qualified with one of our approved carriers (click here to see the full list). Then Quality Companies leases the owner-operator a truck with no down payment. The driver must drive for the approved carrier for the life of the lease. The payments come right out of the settlement each week. Once the driver has completed the term of the lease, Quality Companies signs off on the title, and the driver owns the truck.

    All of our partner carriers are listed at the bottom of our Leasing Page. If you’re interested in becoming a partner carrier, please fill out a contact form.

    The driver will need to stay with first carrier for 90 days. Quality Companies will then grant a transfer as long as there is a Terms of Separation Agreement signed by the driver’s carrier. The driver will have to sign new paperwork with the new carrier to get settlement deduction set up.

    Payments range from $300 per week to $695 per week. The lease payment is determined by year, make, and model of the selected equipment. Leasing agreements are 4 – 7 year terms, with all at a $1 buyout.

    Quality can assist with a deferment on payment when a driver has been down 5 days or more due to a mechanical breakdown.

    Quality has a customer service team that can be reached at (844) 270-1077, option 1 for payment and deferrals, option 2 for maintenance issues, option 3 for general leasing questions.
    Visit Celadon Driving Academy to apply online and to learn more about all the locations, the qualifications, and the training course. For more specific questions, call the school at (855) 209-5524.
    Upon arrival to our location, visit the Leasing entrance located on the east side of the building past the loading docks. Speak to a leasing agent and they will help take care of payments and reimbursements. For Indianapolis customers please call AAA Best Taxi at (317) 480-2735 or (317) 442-8088. For Waxahachie please call Silver Bullet Taxi at (972) 825-9992.

    If you need to turn in your leased truck or you are needing your truck recovered you will need to contact our Operations department at 317.972.7094 ext. 28930. Please note if you drive for Celadon or Eagle you will need to contact your DM!

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