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Finding Drivers For Your Fleet

By Alyssa Rinehart on December 4, 2017

When building your vehicle fleet, the thought of filling it quickly with qualified, reliable new drivers can seem daunting. With the immense amount of driver turnover and the ongoing problem with driver shortage, finding skilled drivers is difficult especially when you are just starting out as a fleet owner. This post will explore some of the ways you can quickly fill your fleet without incurring unnecessary headaches like fast turnover and early employment confusion. This post will conclude by indicating Quality’s commitment to providing top notch recruiting services to clients.

Find a Driver Placement Service

One of the ways that you can quickly fill your fleet is by finding a Driver Placement Service that can work directly with you and your fleet to find dependable and consistent drivers. Since finding qualified drivers is one of the more difficult tasks of starting your own fleet, a Driver Placement Service can be extremely helpful and can take a large burden off your shoulders. When looking for a Driver Placement Service or Recruiting Company, make sure you do proper research to ensure you are making the right decision for you and your fleet.

Recognition of Pay

As you know, there has been a constant battle that has been going on with the topic of driver pay. Driver pay has been the main reason driver turnover for fleets have been so low and why fleet owners are having trouble finding and retaining drivers.

According to Overdrive’s 2016 ‘What Drivers Want’ Survey, when drivers were asked, “Why they think fleets are having a hard time retaining drivers today?”, 78.6% determined that they are not paid enough. Also, when asked “What would be the main reason you would consider changing jobs and driving for another fleet?”, 38.5% said that other fleets would offer more money.

By implementing a pay package or compensation package, that includes a sign-on bonus, health insurance, a 401K plan and/or an orientation program, can all help you attract qualified and reliable drivers. According to Trucking Info, “Progressive fleets are developing more sophisticated pay packages that reward drivers for behaviors that improve the company’s bottom line, from fuel mileage to inspection reports to hard-braking incidents.”

“There’s a direct correlation between the guys that we consider our most professional, most dependable drivers–the guys that get the best fuel mileage, the guys that do their pretrips, the guys we never have maintenance issues with, the guys that leave early and anticipate they may have a problem on the road — and how much they take home every week,” says Keith Tuttle, owner of Motor Carrier Service Inc. of Toledo, Ohio.

Rewards and Recognition

Another way to attract drivers to your fleet is to use rewards and recognition. In the ‘What Drivers Want’ Survey, a question was asked to drivers about why fleets are having a hard time retaining drivers. 66.2% said that they don’t feel Fleet Owners don’t respect drivers and the job they do enough.

Showing recognition to your drivers and making them feel a part of your team is important as well as show them respect. With rewards and recognition, it can make them excited to drive as well as increase productivity and performance levels in your drivers.

By utilizing rewards and recognition, it can also add a bit of competitiveness amongst your drivers, and who doesn’t love a little competition? It will make your drivers feel appreciated as well as feel as though they are not being taken for granted. It gives them a chance to work for something and in turn, can help your bottom line.

More Home Time

Another way you can find drivers to help fill your fleet is to make sure that you are getting your drivers home. By using more home time as a reward, it can greatly reduce driver turnover and increase drivers’ productivity to make sure that they complete a load so that they can make sure they are getting home. In the “What Drivers Want” Survey, drivers mentioned that not enough home time was another major reason why fleet owners are having a hard time finding and retaining drivers.

“It doesn’t necessarily mean every night, but a good visibility on what their schedule is so they can plan and have some stability in that area of their life,” says Ryder Dedicated Vice President Steve Martin. By making sure your drivers have the ability and time to get home to spend time with their families is important.

Quality Recruiting

Here at Quality, our staff of experienced recruiters can help you hire qualified drivers you need to grow your fleet. Our driver placement agents, have extensive experience in a recruiting company, recruiting drivers and independent contractors for both small and large carriers. When you partner with Quality, we will meet with your Recruiting Managers and staff to fully understand what type of drivers you are looking for. We have unique advertising partners who we will work with on your behalf to market specific driving positions. For more information about our recruiting process, visit our page here.

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