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Industry Issues: Requirements, Marketing, and Turnover

By admin on December 18, 2017

As the days of the classic long-haul trucker fade into the sunset carriers are looking towards a new generation of drivers to help keep freight moving. The problem is that despite the mass amount of available driving positions fewer and fewer American’s are entering the arena of professional truck driving. Those who are wanting to drive professionally are often misinformed and sadly under educated. Many new drivers have unrealistic expectations regarding their potential earnings and the amount of work truly required to be successful. Too often carriers are expending valuable time and resources to recruit drivers who are simply unretainable.
Finding and recruiting the right drivers can be overwhelming. Here, at Quality, we can help carriers take a thoughtful approach that will create many benefits for both the carrier and the driver.


Fleets are offering higher wages and other compensation for drivers but there’s still a need for more new talent, Costello said. He has calculated today’s driver shortage at more than 50,000 and predicted it could rise to 174,000 by 2024. (Transport Topics December 2017)

Nearly all carriers have stipulations in their hiring process that many drivers are unable to meet. Some make a lot of sense; drivers with a history of tickets or accidents likely will follow the same patterns if hired. That ends up costing carriers their reputation and raises insurance premiums. However, one requirement worth analyzing is time spent over the road. Obviously, carriers want and need responsible and capable drivers.

With modern GPS tracking and the rise of dash cams carriers can monitor their drivers better than ever before. With new capabilities, should come a new and modern set of hiring requirements. Take a long and hard look at your hiring qualifications as the drought of CDL holding drivers looks to grow in the coming years. For example, a carrier requiring two years of experience may benefit from lowering requirements down to one year or a specific mileage. This will enable you to pull from a much larger pool of candidates.

Marketing to Drivers

The all too common tactic employed these days is to promote a family atmosphere. Even if this is genuinely true, the industry has been oversaturated by carriers who promise to make the driver a member of the family. Drivers don’t get behind the wheel of the 18-wheeler for any reason other than it is financially beneficial. As drivers are often skeptical in nature the best bet is to be upfront. Tell them about what you can offer and more importantly what you can’t. Establishing an honest relationship by being upfront about the benefits and pitfalls. This will help carriers retain and recruit those top end drivers.

Quality has a unique placement process that is solely focused on connecting the right driver to the right carrier. Drivers who come to you from the Quality Recruiting Program will be prescreened, adhering to your specific needs, and will be fully versed in the specific nature of your program.


“The turnover rate at larger fleets has steadily risen — a function of an improving economy, rising demand for freight transportation and fierce competition for drivers,” ATA Chief Economist Bob Costello said. (Transport Topics December 2017)

As turnover is nearing record highs in the industry it is crucial that carriers invest in the right driver. Carriers, on average, will spend approximately $3,000.00 to recruit a single driver. From time of application to hauling the first load the average driver recruitment process can take up to 90 days. This does not include all the additional costs of on-boarding a driver through orientation, plating, permitting, etc. Clearly, recruiting just one driver is not only time consuming but extremely costly as well. The concept that a driver will stay with a carrier for a very minimal amount of time is terrifying when weighing the cost and effort against a minimal amount of freight hauled.

Turnover primarily stems from one of two issues:
The driver has unrealistic expectations that have not been corrected prior to hire.
The carrier fails to properly vet the candidate and ends up with someone who has little to no intention of sticking around for the long haul.


Quality is aware of this issue and the difficulties it can cause. Don’t worry – we have a solution!   The Quality Business Academy is designed to provide drivers the real-world support needed to start and stay successful. A successful driver is exponentially less likely to look for another job if they are making good money and entered the job with realistic expectations.

Here at Quality our recruiting department is extremely intuitive and well versed in all aspects of recruiting and has a key focus on retainable drivers. Our Quality Business Academy is an excellent resource for seasoned and newer drivers. The combination of proper recruiting tactics and sustainable services will help to driver your company forward.

If you would like to know more or need assistance with recruiting please contact us here.

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