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We Teach Your Owner Operators How To Succeed

We know retention is one of the biggest challenges carriers face today, especially with owner operators. Quality Business Academy (QBA) is here with a solution. Many owner operators today are taking the steps to become truly independent, however, the majority do not have the proper education and understanding in place to achieve long-term success. While many carriers attempt to properly educate their owner operators, they typically fall short without the proper resources. Our solution, QBA, is the perfect resource for your fleet. Our one-day course is dedicated to teaching your owner operators how to manage the tax and financial aspect of owning their own trucking business. This course is designed specifically for carriers looking to reduce turnover among their owner operator fleet. We set drivers up for success! Enroll your owner operators today! Call (844) 747-1070 or send us an email.

Owner Operators Walk Away With:

  • Binder of class curriculum, articles, resources
  • USB of class articles and resources
  • Completed Business Plan
  • Personal Budget Plan
  • Completed Credit Report
  • Completed LLC & EIN
  • Hands-on Knowledge of Preventative Maintenance
  • QBS Academy Certificate of Completion

Drivers come and go, so how do you convince a hard-working owner operator that it’s worth it to be dedicated to your company? You invest in them. It sounds simple, but investing in your drivers shows them that their hard work is encouraged, and will be rewarded. And the best way to show your owner operators that they are appreciated is to express that you are not only invested in them, but also their business.

Schedule of the Day

8:00 AM – Business Foundations (15 Minutes)
8:15 AM – Business Owner Taxes (40 Minutes)
8:55 AM – Profit/Loss Statements (15 Minutes)
9:10 AM – Maximizing Revenue (40 Minutes)
9:50 AM – Break
10:00 AM – Saving for Personal Goals (60 Minutes)
11:00 AM – Managing Personal Finance (45 Minutes)

11:45 AM – Lunch (60 Minutes)
12:45 PM – Business Structures (60 Minutes)
1:45 PM – Maintenance Management (105 Minutes)
3:20 PM – Break (10 Minutes)
3:30 PM – Getting Started as a Business Owner (90 Minutes)
5:00 PM – Conclusions of Class

What other Owner Operators have said:

  • I’ve been driving for 20 years and still learned A LOT in this course. The binder and USB are GREAT! Quality Business Academy is a good program for new and old owner operators. This QBA class is NEEDED!

    Robert Johns


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