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Quality Trucks

At Quality, we know that you can only be successful if you have a reliable truck. That’s why we put every truck through our Pre-Owned Certification. Along with multiple points of inspection by our certified technicians, every truck receives preventative maintenance, interior and exterior detail, and a final quality control inspection.


Every truck that goes through our shop is submitted to multiple quality control inspections. Our maintenance and operations teams perform at least 5 inspections from the day it rolls onto our lot until the day it leaves. The inspections include a test drive simulating the pre-trip inspection performed by drivers every day as well as a final quality control inspection.



Our maintenance inspections involve checking more than 68 individual components of the truck. The inspections include parts found in the brake system, the drivetrain, engine, fuel and exhaust systems, tires, wheels, and interior components.


We obtain oil samples from every unit that comes through our shop and send it off to a lab for testing. The tests performed by an independent laboratory include fluid properties (viscosity, oxidation, etc.), contaminants, wear metals, and additive metals. These tests help us identify existing problems and problems that may arise in the future that we can avoid through preventative measures.


With the wide selection of truck makes and models that we provide, we ensure that our technicians have the education and experience to handle any mechanical issue that will keep you off the road. Our technicians are certified in a wide variety of components and engines including Cummins, Freightliner, Detroit Diesel, International, Eaton, and Paccar. With Quality, you will have peace of mind knowing that your truck was inspected by someone with the skills and experience to keep you on the road.