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A Trucker’s Holiday Wish List

By admin on December 26, 2017

 With the holidays upon us it’s time again to wish the Happiest of Holidays to drivers throughout this great nation. As many of us are extreme, last-minute shoppers we, here at Quality, thought we would put together a goodie bag of suggestions. Whether they’re on Santa’s nice list or the naughty one, these gifts are sure to put a smile on your loved truckers face.

Entertainment Gifts

As drivers spend so many countless hours over the road and away from home it is important to have good entertainment available in your off-hours.

  • Portable DVD players are a great and inexpensive gift for the hard-working trucker in your lives. With red-box being nearly nationwide at this point drivers can rent dozens of new movies every week and return them in-between stops.
  • A new stereo system for their rig. While these can go up quickly in price there are many affordable options that will help personalize a driver’s truck. These are also great, daily reminders to your loved trucker that will remind them fondly of you every day.
  • A Sirius or XM Subscription. Many drivers will be pulled from one end of the country and back; this option can provide loads of entertainment that goes along with your driver regardless of where the road takes them.
  • Netflix, HULU, or other Streaming Subscription. Like the radio subscription this allows the entertainment to follow your loved one. As these services offer increasing ability to download TV and Movies your driver can enjoy hours of entertainment without a hefty internet plan.

Safety Gifts

Driving professionally is neither simple nor safe. Give the gift of safety this holiday by rewarding your hard-running driver with one of the following:

  • Emergency Kit – containing all the needed essentials to help keep your loved one safe in the event of a bad breakdown. These can include: an extra warm blanket, gloves, safety flares, emergency food rations, a portable emergency heating device.
  • Hands-free talking device (Bluetooth) – this will allow your driver to enjoy some comfort over the road without causing any additional distractions. These devices are readily available, cheap, and very easy to use.
  • Dash Camera – these are probably the most popular device being used today by truckers all over the country. These devices are easy to install and will back-up your loved one in the event they are falsely ticketed.

Comfort Away from Home Gifts

Your loved one may spend days, weeks, or even months on the road. Giving the gift of comfort can help them stay more successful and motivated while they’re out working so hard.

  • Microwave / Refrigerator – While not all units afford drivers the option to have these components, if you’re loved one is lucky enough to have an Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) and/or inverter this is an excellent way to stay healthier and happier while running those long miles.
  • An ergonomic mattress – this is certainly one of the most costly items on the list but the benefits far outweigh the price. The average driver will spend well over 250 nights sleeping in their rig. Waking up every day feeling refreshed and well-rested is a benefit your driver (and their back) will appreciate for years to come!
  • Air filtration system – as your hard-working loved one will likely be experiencing many different parts of the country these filter systems are an ideal way to eliminate germs and keep a fresh feeling inside their cab.

Quality’s Holiday Wish

We, here at Quality, want to wish drivers everywhere a safe and happy holiday season. We know that many drivers will, out of necessity, work throughout the holidays. Drivers will bring gifts, Christmas trees, and food products (along with everything else under the sun) to all four corners of our great country. You are the real Santa’s of all Americans; bringing gifts and joy all over the country. To you, and your families, Quality wishes you a very heartfelt Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Have you found other gifts sure to please even the hardest working trucker? If so we’d love to hear all about it please visit us here.

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